Monday, 1 December 2014

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down....

Not literally, but we seem to have packed a lot in over November, and then sometimes we seem not to have achieved much at all.

The end of October saw our first family visitors.  Marten and Sally came over for a few days and we had what really was the last couple of good days of the Indian Summer.  As we don't yet have a garden table, we got my George III tea table out of felt quite decedent...pity the chairs didn't make the grade!
First Family Lunch

Conkers Dorset Gin - Yum
 They came bearing gifts...malt vinegar..funny what you miss when it isn't available..and Conkers Dorset Gin made by Sally's nephew Rupert in his exciting new adventure. (#thatsthespirit) The botanicals include gorse collected in the New Forest and it really is the smoothest Gin I have ever tasted.  Who needs tonic, just pour over ice!

Our horrible porch wall
It was lovely for Max to spend some time with his brother, and
they did some brotherly bonding...knocking a wall down as you do.

 The wall just inside the front door was always destined to go. It makes the room small and dark and whilst I don't really want a front door opening on to the living space, it is a compromise worth making.  We have some ideas for expanding our Normandy porch.

Half way there....
...and gone!!!

Made a difference already for the main wall

 We did make some time for some R&R and had a lovely time out at La Petite Chappelle and Hill 314.

Having started on the inside, it was a shame to lose the momentum, when Marten and Sally left, so down came the dividing wall.  We knew it wasn't supporting, but JUST to be on the safe side, Max took the first layer of blocks under the beam out first.  I was wheelbarrow monitor, well for some of the time!
Nearly there....

....I Want to Break Free... all Max needs
the fish nets!!

Getting there...........

Unfortunately, whoever put the wall up originally really hacked a the beam. so instead of revealing it, we are going to have to re-plaster it instead. 

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